A dedicated Education Management Community that delivers comprehensive solutions to transform school education from the stage of infancy to vibrant global standard.

It is happening as TBI has evolved with a team of talented and experienced academicians and educationists who know what it takes to make possible the transition. if you run a school anywhere in any part of the world with a collective desire to metamorphose “the center of learning” into a “center of excellence” by global standard take a game changing tour.



TBI is the coming together of some of the best innovative minds who are known for making consistent contributions to changing paradigms of quality education. The think tank includes educators and academicians from Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Business School. As the ground reality has it that despite good intention, education scenario, especially at school level asks for radical uplift. Team TBI takes over a given institution looking for a leap-forward, formulates measures, churn out budget specific holistic developmental plans, monitors multi-level implementation and value additions ensuring the institution to thrive in an open and dynamic world. What more TBI has is expertise to deliver a broad portfolio of relevant technology solutions and to help navigate change, achieve greater transparency and drive efficiencies.



To lead the ways in developing and deploying the most intelligent model of restructuring an existing educational system in step with changing global perspectives and to harness methodologies and technologies that will exploit knowledge, revolution to the advantages of the associate institutions for optimizing exponential growth.


To provide end-to-end solutions towards a 360o in K-12 segment.

To inculcate the pursuits for egalitarian methods of educational uplift that will impact the life and career of students anywhere in the world.


Our Advisors

Tarun Khanna

Jorge Paulo Leman Professor- harvard Business School.

Tarun Khanna is the jorge Paulo Lemann Professor at the harvard Business School, where he has studied and worked with multinational and indegenous companies and investors in emerging markets worldwide.
He was named Harvard University’s Director of the South Asia Institue in the fall of 2010. He joined the HBS faculty in 193, after obtaining an engineering degree from Princeton University (1988) and a Ph.D. from Harvard 1993) and an interim stint on Wall Street.
During this time, he has serves as the head of several courses on strategy corporate governance, and international business targeted to MBA students and senior executives at harvard. He currently teaches in Harvard Colleges General Education core curriculum in a university wide elective course on entrepreneurship in South Asia. He is also the Faculty Chair for HBS activities in India.


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